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In  1997 Gerard Loft opens on a 70 square meters area in the center of the Florentine fashion area, with the artistic ideas of the interior designer and sculptor Nicola Frignani of the Wunderkammer Studio in Milan. The shop evolves, grows, changes shape until it gets to the present 600 square meters surface.  In 2002, the shop was expanded from 80 to 250 square meters: the new space was then set up with the construction materials that were used for the restructuring of the original area, thus creating an environment with the scent of the fascinating Brooklyn lofts, and sometimes a Berlinesque flavor. The spatial evolution came to an end with the annexation, a few years later, of the floor above which had been an old legal office. The separating walls were taken down and the old parts of the building were highlighted and restored, leaving all the rest in its original rough state, later to be decorated with the shots of a photography genius: Toni Thorimbert, setting up a permanent exhibition of his work. These last redecorations have transformed Gerard Loft into a very particular location, which has been used as a photographic location, as a cinematographic set, as well as for private parties and artists' previews.

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